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Energy Monitoring and Reporting


Monitoring energy usage and associated costs has never been so important. Energy costs continually fluctuate, generally upwards. Property owners are increasingly keen to reduce their energy bills but how and where within an installation is the energy being used.  


Saving energy is a major requirement these days especially if you are considering alternative site generation options such as an expensive PV installation, wind turbine or even CHP. There is little point in funding expensive site generation projects if measures are not taken to reduce the consumption of the existing electrical system which could be running away with the energy cost.


Using portable monitoring equipment it is possible to monitor the site electrical demand or the demand for a single item of equipment. Using the data gained it is then possible to see where the cost of energy is coming from and whether it is possible or even practical to rationalise electrical consumption by seeking new technologies to such as light harvesting sensors to control lighting usage.


Clients can choose to hire the equipment and conduct their own monitoring (generally only available to approved electrical contractors or qualified engineers) or to employ FBS to connect the equipment and present the final report for further consultation.

The above charts are samples of the types of output available and used to analyse the monitoring process.


Click individual chart to enlarge.


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